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  • Strength - Our shelving system is incredibly strong. Our wood is grown in northern Scandinavia, which produces a tight ring growth; we then engineer and finish the shelves, adding further strength. We also use only high quality metal supports, ensuring an unrivalled long-term sturdiness.
  • Flexibility - Our system is modular, meaning it suits any home or office and you can tailor your unit to precisely fit a space. You can even start out with a small unit and expand it as your requirements change.
  • Durability - We use only solid wood, chosen and engineered for longevity, so the system you buy today will last you a lifetime.
  • Style - Our shelving system offers a timeless design to suit any home or workplace. We use only solid wood and finish our shelves to a high standard, creating a flawless appearance that never goes out of fashion.
  • Universal Use - Our shelving system suits a huge variety of uses. From all around the Home, Office, Schools, the list is endless...
  • Easy Assembly - Simple, functional engineering means our shelving system is extremely easy to assemble. Units can be put up in minutes, and the durable design means they can even be easily taken down and reassembled.
  • Quick Delivery - We endeavour to get all orders delivered within 48hrs and enable you to choose a preferred delivery date, so your order will arrive exactly when it's needed.
  • Highly recommended - We've been selling our shelving system in the UK for over 30 years. And because our unique system hasn't changed in all that time, you can be confident that if you ever need to expand your system, you'll always be able to get new parts that fit perfectly.


is a multifunctional bookcase / shelving system for the home and office, shops schools... You can create any arrangement you wish from a simple shelving unit to a complete library / storage solution.

For over 25 years we have been providing shelving solutions for all around the home and office, shops, schools... The list is endless.

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What's one of the number one things that makes your home seem a mess? Clutter - simply stuff lying around where it shouldn't be.

Clutter makes our homes feel unpleasant to live in, and also makes is almost impossible to find anything. Who hasn't searched through piles of papers or CDs to find the right thing, only to have to go through the pile again and again? Very frustrating - the sort of thing that feng shui experts say disrupts our lifeforce. And whether you believe in that ancient Chinese art or not, it's certain that fruitless searching for an important item does your life no good at all.

CDs are a particular problem because most of us have so many. And if you don't have some proper shelving to store them on, you'll find they soon start lying about on every surface in your flat or house. Even worse, they end up on the floor when they can be easily damaged or lost.

So CD shelving with sturdy CD shelves is a must, then. But how do you go about choosing the best CD shelving with the most appropriate CD shelves for your living space? Shelfstore can offer some great solutions - but there are a number of things to consider before you purchase your shelving.

First, think about how many CDs you are going to be storing. Is it going to be a matter of dozens? Hundreds? Or even thousands? If so, you're going to need a lot of CD shelving and CD shelves.

Then think about the space you have available for those CD shelves and CD shelving. CD shelves are usually pretty narrow - only as wide as the CDs themselves - so CD shelving generally only needs a narrow space and won't take up much room.

Consider unusual places in your flat or house where shelving could be tucked away - CD shelves can turn a neglected corner into a valuable storage area. The Shelfstore system allows you to design your CD shelves to fit into many unusually-shaped places, because its modular CD shelves are extremely flexible.

To find out how much CD shelving you are going to need in your home or flat, stack a number of CDs together and measure them. That gives you a unit you can use to calculate how much CD shelving you will have to fit into your home to get them all off the floor and conveniently up on to the wall.

Think about forgotten spaces - for instance, the normally unused area above the toilet cistern makes a great area to put up CD shelves. Or perhaps you have some space above your kitchen cupboards or fridge where CD shelving could be an asset.

Although CDs are quite light, when you put a lot of them together they can add up to quite a weight, and you will need to buy CD shelving that is robust enough to last for years. Shelfstore's CD shelves are all made of sturdy varnished pine, a good material for CD shelving because it is strong, easy to keep clean and fits smartly into the decor of most homes.

Fixing the CD shelves securely to the wall is, of course, a must, and the Shelfstore website, shelvingsystem.co.uk offers advice and a step-by-step pictorial guide to making sure your CD shelving is firmly fixed.

Once your CD shelving is in place, you can collect up all your CDs and get them into some order. Many people use their CD shelves in alphabetical order, putting each artist's work together. This has the advantage of making any CD easy to find, although you will have to work at it to maintain the system. Other people prefer more random CD shelving to give a spontaneous element to the music they play each day.

One thing is for sure, your flat or house is going to look a lot smarter once your CD shelving is in place and the CDs installed on the CD shelves. Good CD shelving is not just a useful facility, but can also become a useful element in the decor of your home - some people even use shelving as a way to divide up large rooms into areas for different uses, such as eating and relaxing.

Smaller homes benefit enormously from a good shelving system simply because the less clutter you have, the larger your living space will feel. Not to mention the fact that you won't be treading your favourite albums into the carpet on your way to the kitchen for a cuppa...instead, you can just reach out, select your CD and sit back to enjoy it. Now, that's what you call relaxing!

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