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Components & Pricing

Shelving of almost any size can be made from the following components. In fact only 3 are required! Tell me more...

Use the step-by-step wizard to plan a custom shelving unit.

This is our dedicated shelving web site, but it doesn't stop here. The full Shelfstore System contains nearly 70 components including beds, desks, cupboards, wardrobes and much more. Tell me more...

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Bookcases and Shelving

Upright Outer

1. Upright Outer

Upright with shelf support holes on one side ...
Upright Inner

2. Upright Inner

An upright inner has shelf support holes on b...

3. Infill

Upright infill. Infills slot into the ...
Infill Unvarnished

4. Infill Unvarnished

Upright Infill Panel Unvarnished Pine Ply....

5. Shelf

Shelf including supports. All shelves are 2c...

6. Plinth

Fills in the gap between the floor & undersid...
Shelf Cover

7. Shelf Cover

Neatly fills the gap between a top shelf and ...
Cross Brace

8. Cross Brace

Secures a tall* freestanding deep shelving un...

9. Backboard

Unvarnished pine ply backboard. ...
Wall Attachment

10. Wall Attachment

Used to stabilize a bookcase/shelving bay/s. ...

Corner Shelves, End Shelves, Half Shelves, Interchange Shelves

Single Leg Upright

11. Single Leg Upright

Used to support End and corner Shelves.
Corner Shelf Round

12. Corner Shelf Round

Shelves for right angle corners. Supplied wi...
Corner Shelf Straight

13. Corner Shelf Straight

Shelves for right angle corners. Supplied wit...
End Shelf

14. End Shelf

Quarter round shelf. Used at the end of a ...
Interchange Shelf

15. Interchange Shelf

Used to change shelving depth. Left & Right ...
Half Shelf

16. Half Shelf

Used for turning a corner. ...
Fascia Corner Shelf Round Front

17. Fascia Corner Shelf Round Front

Fill in the space between the floor & undersi...
Fascia Corner Shelf Straight Front

18. Fascia Corner Shelf Straight Front

Fill in the space between the floor & undersi...
Fascia End

19. Fascia End

Fill in the space between the floor & undersi...
Fascia Interchange

20. Fascia Interchange

Used to fill the gap between the floor and th...

Extended Shelves, Sloping Shelves and Bridging Beam

Extended Shelf

21. Extended Shelf

As a regular shelf but with a extended forwar...
Sloping Shelf

22. Sloping Shelf

Sloping Shelf
Bridging Beam

23. Bridging Beam

Used for spanning over Beds, sofas, desks etc...

Doors and Drawers


24. Door

Doors sold singly and includes hinges.
Door Frame

25. Door Frame

Use a door frame to create a 13cm deeper low ...
2 Drawer Chest

26. 2 Drawer Chest

2 Drawer Chest. ...
4 Drawer Chest

27. 4 Drawer Chest

4 Drawers Chest. ...
6 Drawer Chest

28. 6 Drawer Chest

6 Drawers Chest. ...
5 Drawer Chest

29. 5 Drawer Chest

5 drawer chest. ...
Base For Chest

30. Base For Chest

Use with chest of drawers, when chest/s used ...
Top Shelf

31. Top Shelf

Use a top shelf for chests of Drawers when us...
Side Filler

32. Side Filler

Used in conjunction with an extended shelf wh...

Table tops, Desks, Keyboard Shelf, Sliding Shelf

Table Top

33. Table Top

Fits into a shelving bay 60cm or 80cm wide, c...
4 Drawer Chest

34. 4 Drawer Chest

Use with a tabletop or use as a free-standing...
Table Leg

35. Table Leg

Table Leg Panel 71 cm high. DO NOT USE two se...

36. Desk

Desk for Uprights
Keyboard Shelf

37. Keyboard Shelf

Keyboard Shelf (under surface fitting) locks ...
Sliding Shelf

38. Sliding Shelf

Can be adjusted to fit other shelf widths

Hanging Rail

Hanging Rail

41. Hanging Rail

40cm or 50cm deep. ...

Spare Fittings

Shelf Support

64. Shelf Support

Supplied with shelves. PLEASE SEE THE AT...
Angular Grasshopper

65. Angular Grasshopper

Used to support corner, end and magazine shel...
Tipping Restraint

66. Tipping Restraint

Used to prevent end shelves. extended shelves...
Mounting Fixture

67. Mounting Fixture

Used to join uprights back-to-back.
Straight Grasshopper

68. Straight Grasshopper

Used as support table top onto uprights *...
Z Fittings

69. Z Fittings

Used to join half shelves or table tops to th...
Universal Fixture

70. Universal Fixture

Used to fit door frame to uprights. *Suppli...

102. Upright Base

Only required if altering upright height. Sc...

103. Hinge

Hinge and Back Plate (for doors supplied 2020...
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