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When the office and warehouse are closed we endeavour to answer all email queries up to 8pm on the day.

Shelfstore Bookcases

If you prefer the more traditional style of a stand alone bookcase, the Shelfstore system is able to provide 294 different single bay bookcase sizes and then almost endless double, triple and quadruple bay bookcases. Each of these bookcases can then be customised with the appropriate number of shelves for what is being accommodated on them. One of the most popular and traditional bookcase sizes is 183cm high, 30cm deep and 80cm wide.

However, a large part of the popularity of Shelfstore bookcases comes from the huge variety of sizes; imagine a space, perhaps next to a fire place, where a 100cm wide bookcase just won't fit and a 80cm wide bookcase is really too small - choose a two bay bookcase 50cm + 40cm or 60cm + 30cm. You could also of course have a three bay bookcase each being 30cm. Another great advantage with Shelfstore bookcases is the ability to choose a different height for a second, third or fourth bay; lots of homes have that awkward space under the stairs which is just shouting for a sloping bookcase (either left to right or right to left). Not only can the bays vary in height but each also in width so that maximum use is being made of what used to be dead space !

Shelfstore Shelving Institutional Applications

The Shelfstore shelving system is used in thousands of schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK. From classroom shelving, storeroom shelving and display shelving in common areas right through to major library installations the Shelfstore shelving system is very often the preferred option. Hospitals, fire stations, police stations, county council offices and a host of other facilities use the Shelfstore shelving system to solve a range of storage problems. Once again the huge range of sizes within the Shelfstore shelving system combined with massive strength and flexibility provide elegant and affordable solutions.

Bookcases & Bookshelves 
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