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An enviable reputation for quality custom shelving

At Shelfstore, we specialise in offering custom made shelving solutions to suit each of our client's diverse requirements. We realise that every public or private sector organisation and domestic environment will require different shelving to suit their needs, and so provide fully-customisable, bespoke shelves that our clients can swap and change to suit their space.

For over twenty-five years we have been providing custom shelving solutions to clients in various industries, including the educational sector, for private offices, retail shops, and many more businesses. Our bespoke shelves have also featured in homes across the UK, as they are so easy to design and incorporate into any available space.

We have quickly become a leading provider of custom made shelving, as our solutions are so versatile for clients to use. Whether you're looking to build a row of bookcases for your offices or a shelving system for your garage, our custom shelving offers the perfect solution.

Our exclusive bespoke shelving system

Shelfstore offers a unique system for creating bespoke shelving and storage solutions designed to fit your own specific room and requirements, no matter how small, large or awkward the size or shape of the space you have available is.

By using the 3D design wizard on our website, you can create your own perfect combination of uprights and shelves quickly and conveniently, creating custom made shelving in the comfort of your own home or office.

Uprights are available in 7 heights, from 48cm to 248cm; and 6 depths, from 14cm to 50cm. You can choose your own combination of custom made shelves in six different depths, from 14cm to 50cm; and 7 widths, from 30cm to 120cm. You can then adjust your bespoke shelves to fit their purpose.

The 3D design wizard will then guide you through the last few optional extras to choose from, in order to make your bespoke shelving system completely your own.

Why choose Shelfstore for custom made shelves?

We only use the highest-quality materials available in order to provide durable custom made shelves to our clients. The wood used to make our customers' custom shelving is incredibly strong and designed to ensure longevity, so you can rest assured that your bespoke shelving system will last.

The versatile design and flexibility of our bespoke shelves also makes them particularly useful, as you can alter and expand your custom made shelving as your requirements change. Their timeless design also makes them suitable to use in virtually any environment.

If you are interested in seeing the benefits of our custom made shelves for yourself, please don't hesitate to try your hand with our 3D design tool today.

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