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SHELFSTORE is a multipurpose bookcase, shelving and storage system for the home and office, schools, shops.... You can create any arrangement you wish from a simple shelving unit to a complete library / storage solution.

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Why choose Shelfstore?

Strength - Our shelving system is incredibly strong. Our wood is grown in northern Scandinavia, which produces a tight ring growth; we then engineer and finish the shelves, adding further strength. We also use only high quality metal supports, ensuring an unrivalled long-term sturdiness.

Flexibility - Our system is modular, meaning it suits any home or office and you can tailor your unit to precisely fit a space. You can even start out with a small unit and expand it as your requirements change.

Durability - We use only solid wood, chosen and engineered for longevity, so the system you buy today will last you a lifetime.

Style - Our shelving system offers a timeless design to suit any home or workplace. We use only solid wood and finish our shelves to a high standard, creating a flawless appearance that never goes out of fashion.

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