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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How long has Shelfstore been in Business?

    Since 1979.

  2. When was the system designed?

    The system was designed in Sweden 1949, and has stood the test of time, thanks to its clean simple lines. "Straight lines don't go out of fashion"

  3. What material is the Shelfstore system made off?

    All components* are constructed from solid strong pine, finely sanded with a tough clear varnish. (* with the exception on back boards which are unvarnished ply)

  4. How strong are the shelves?

    Each shelf will carry 100kg+

  5. What creates the strength?

    Our shelving system is incredibly strong. Our wood is grown in northern Scandinavia, which produces a tight ring growth; we then engineer and finish the shelves, adding further strength. We also use only high quality metal supports, ensuring an unrivalled long-term sturdiness. See this video

  6. Where is the Shelfstore system used?

    Our shelving system is used for all domestic and commercial applications.

  7. Can I add to the system?

    Yes, you can add more shelves at any time or add-on extra bays to your shelving arrangement.

  8. Is the system available unvarnished?


  9. Can I paint the system?

    Many paint products are available to overpaint (you do not need to remove the varnish) We hear good recommendations for brands like Frenchic and Zinsser from our customers but please speak to your local paint supplier/retailer for further advice and suggestions.

  10. Can I re-varnish the system in a different colour?

    All components in the Shelfstore system are finished with a clear varnish, if you wish to re-varnish in a colour of your choice, evenly key the surfaces with fine wire wool before re-varnishing.

  11. Can add I doors and drawers to my shelving?

    Yes you can add doors, drawers and lots more including desks, table tops, Corner shelves and lots more see here.

  12. What is the delivery time?

    Between 1-3 days, you are also able to choose you preferred delivery date at stage 2 of the checkout. The current delivery date is 29/01/2021.

  13. Can I wall-mount a shelving unit(s)?

    No, The Shelfstore shelving system is floor standing only. Note: Wall attachments are designed to anchor floor standing unit's to the wall. See video

  14. How easy is it to move a shelf?

    It takes just a few seconds to adjust a shelf. All shelves (including the top and and bottom shelves ) are adjustable every 5th cm. See this video

  15. Can my arrangement be moved/changed later.

    Yes, it is easy to take apart and rearranged.

  16. Do I need a top/bottom shelf?

    No, your top / bottom shelf can start were you wish them too.

  17. How many shelves should I have?

    You choose the number of shelves, based on your requirements.

  18. Is a Fascia necessary?

    No, you choose. A Fascia fills the gap between the floor and the first shelf.

  19. Why is an unvarnished infill available?

    The unvarnished infill is made from pine ply and not varnished solid wood and used when your shelving system is being located in an area where an aesthetically pleasing look is not so important e.g. archive/basement/school Shelving. Unvarnished infills are approximately half the price of varnished infills.

  20. Can the unvarnished infill be stained/painted in different colours.

    Yes, we do not supply stains.

  21. Do I need to use a backboard or cross brace?

    No, The simplest may to stabilize a shelving unit/s is to use Wall Attachments.

  22. Are the shelf supports included with the shelves?

    Yes, two shelf supports are supplied with each shelf.

  23. Can I purchase shelf supports separately.

    Yes, use the following link: Shelf Supports, or via components and ordering from the home page.

  24. What function does a Shelf Cover perform?

    The shelf cover (optional) fills the gap between the top shelf and the edge of an upright.

  25. Can I use inner uprights at the end of my shelving / bookcase arrangement?

    Yes, if you can't see the ends of your shelving / bookcase arrangement use an Inner Upright they are cheaper, also if you want to add-on or you are not concerned about see the shelf support holes use Inner uprights.

  26. Can I choose my own delivery date?

    Yes you are able to choose a preferred delivery date during checkout.

  27. Can the system go around skirting boards?

    Yes, see Video link

  28. How do I build a corner unit

    Click here to see how a corner unit is built.

  29. Where is the shelfstore system made?


  30. Is your wood sourced from sustainable forests?

    Yes, all our wood is sourced sustainable forests in northern Scandinavia.

  31. Why Northern Scandinavia?

    Trees grow slowly in colder climates; this produces a tougher timber due to the growth rings being closer together.

  32. How do I build a corner unit?

    Corner units are simply two normal units butt jointed together at a right angle. See the how to build around a corner instructions.

  33. Can I adjust the height of an upright?

    Yes, see Video link

  34. Where can I view the system, do you have a showroom?

    As we supply to all parts of the UK, we do not have a showroom. We have a display of the system in use in our Maidenhead office. Personal callers by appointment only please.

  35. Can I collect my order?

    If you prefer to collect an order from Maidenhead warehouse please place the order online and telephone or email us to a confirm a collection day and time. We will have it ready for you and assist loading into your vehicle.

  36. How do I change a door infill?

    planning to obtain glass or other materials to use as the infill part of the door please email us once you have placed your order and we can supply the door dis-assembled.

  37. How do I add other items to my basket when placing an order from a plan?

    To add any additional items click on continue shopping (bottom left) This takes you to the component and ordering section. Select the component and click on the name to find sizes, click on buy by the size you wish to add, this will now be added to your basket and you can update the quantity. Repeat this process for any further components you wish to add.

  38. How do I buy components individually?

    Go to the components and ordering section. Select the relevant component and click on name to display sizes. Click on buy next to the size you require. This will put this item into your basket ready to purchase. (Please be aware some browsers keep items in your basket from previous orders so check your basket is empty or correct before the next stage) All quantities can be updated too.

  39. Do you supply glass shelves?

    Due to transportation reasons we do not supply any glass component in the UK. If you wish to add a glass shelf you can source the glass from your local glass merchant. You will require straight grasshopper fittings these are available to order individually under Components and ordering. We do not recommend only glass shelves in a unit.

  40. Is the system available in any other wood, finish or colour?

    We do not supply this product in any other wood or finish. The product is strong solid natural pine wood with a tough very fine clear varnish to protect it. Some customers will paint or change the varnish to suit their requirements. (See Q9/10)

  41. How do you clean Shelfstore products?

    We can suggest dusting or wiping with a slightly damp cloth. Wipe any surface spillages immediately. It is not advisable to use any sprays or polishes.

  42. Some items in the brochure are not on the website are they still available?

    The website is kept 100% up to date with currant sizes and components that are available and supplied in the UK.

  43. Where do I find fitting instructions?

    On the website please see further details under customer support section: fitting instructions and view the relevant video or instruction prior to assembly. Some components have a separate fitting instruction video found in Components and Ordering section by clicking on the relevant article.

  44. What tools do I need?

    In general you will only require a Philips screwdriver and perhaps a drill or tack hammer depending on the components you are fitting. An Electric screwdriver will make it easier and faster.

  45. Do you fit or assemble my unit?

    As Shelfstore units are very simple to assemble and we supply to customers throughout the UK we do not offer a fitting service. We are always happy to offer advice by the telephone should you have a query.

  46. Do you offer a planning and design service?

    Our website, brochure, online design wizard and videos offer many ideas and suggestions. We do not offer a full planning and design service but are happy to check any list of components to ensure they are correct for your design or plan. See Shelving Ideas

  47. How many CDs can I store?

    CD Shelves

  48. How many DVDs can I store?

    DVD Shelves

  49. Where do I find further details about the delivery?

    Delivery info. As your order is despatched from us you will receive an email or text to provide you with the courier tracking information

  50. What is the price of a unit?

    Each unit/s are unique depending on your requirements so use the online design wizard to obtain an instant price quote.

  51. Can the shelves be adjusted in width?

  52. What are the specifications of an upright?

    See this PDF for details

  53. Who delivers my order?

    We deliver the majority of orders using a reputable nationwide courier company. They will deliver your packages to your front door of an individual property/entrance of the building/ reception/concierge. The goods will be signed for at this entrance. All packages are cartable. Your dispatch email will detail the number of packages you are due to receive. Some packages will relate to the height of components. Due to reasons beyond our control we cannot instruct the courier driver to assist with carrying the packages to rooms, flats or offices within larger buildings. Unfortunately we cannot instruct the courier driver to telephone you for any reason.

  54. On my delivery day I am not going to be in?

    We understand that there may be a last minute reason you need to leave your address on the delivery day i.e. collect from school, walk the dog or any other emergency. Please leave named and signed clear instructions where to leave the package/s in an envelope by your door bell / knocker addressed to TNT courier driver. As the product is wood wrapped in cardboard please ensure this is a dry area i.e. porch. If this is not a suitable option please telephone us to charge your delivery day.

  55. My delivery address is hard to locate.

    Should you have narrow access or further instructions that we need to pass onto the courier company please email or telephone us. Please add to your account details location instructions too. E.g. next to post box or driveway by no 21 or see instructions etc.

  56. Where do I find the fittings once I have received my order?

    As all orders are individually wrapped please look for the package marked with fittings in the box.

  57. How do I add more than one plan to my basket?

    See this video

  58. I need to go out and my Shelfstore delivery is coming today, what do I do?

    See this video

  59. How do I achieve 2 different depths in one unit?

    See this video

  60. My question is not answered in these FAQs

    Ask your question by completing this form.

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