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Shelfstore has been in the business of creating bespoke shelving systems for twenty-three years. We use a pinewood shelving system that has been used for over fifty years to create solutions for home offices, children's bedrooms businesses, libraries and living rooms. In fact, no matter where you are looking to put shelving in your home or business, we can provide a solution to your need for space and help you to get the most off-floor storage possible.

Shelfstore offers clients our unique shelving wizard to test their proposed shelving combination before ordering. Our shelving wizard helps you to visualise your storage combination in the space by creating a 3D version of your choice of shelving that you can save and come back to once you have checked the measurements and specifications laid out in your own personal selection.

This feature is our most invaluable asset as it means you can, in effect, access and change the product you require before ordering. The versatility of our shelving options means you can adjust the spaces between shelves, go around corners and add bays to your existing choice in the future. Each design entered into our shelf wizard is automatically saved so that even in six months if you choose to add more units to your original design you can do so and even see exactly what the effect is.

When using our shelving wizard you can even access plans built by others in the recent past so as to get some idea of how this shelving system can be utilised to full effect. If you cannot see a shelving unit that reflects what you're looking for here, we also offer a shelving ideas section on our web site that can suggest ideas and help you to get started.

Home office

Shelfstore have long provided shelving and storage for home offices and since every one of our components is hugely adaptable you can choose from shelving in six depths, seven widths and uprights in eight depths and six depths. With ample choice of where to fit your desk and cupboards into your bespoke office space, you can reduce the overall reach your office takes up in your house from a whole room to a corner if you wish.

When you look at the possibilities our solid pine system offers, there are 294 shelf sizes available and every one can be adapted to incorporate doors, desks and drawers. This means you can truly make the most of the space available for your home office and with clever placing of doors, help to make the overall space look less cluttered.

Children's bedrooms

Not only can we create the ideal space saving system for your child's bedroom, but Shelfstore can also incorporate beds into your design. Since all of our shelving components are constructed from solid pine, you can trust that no matter whether you're designing a bunk bed system for a child or a teenager, our wood is strong enough to take the weight and support your child.

Living rooms

The range of shelving depth that Shelfstore offers means you can create units to keep your DVDs, CDs or books in and to your exact specifications. Shelfstore look to offering our clients the widest range of shelving that is both safe and secure. We also offer various means of securing your bespoke units to complete your unique shelving needs.

We stock everything from backboards and wall fastenings. Since every shelf we produce can take up to 100kg, you can be sure that once secured in the right way your choice of shelving will cope with the pressures placed upon it - no matter how many books you may have!

Customer support

In order to help you get the most from your shelving, we have a guide to shelf specifications online so that you can see how best to construct your unit and why.

We also have put together an informative PDF for clients. This explains exactly how our shelving system works and how our unique and adjustable metal support system means you can make the most of the strength of your shelves.

Once you have your shelving unit, we have assembly instructions online for all basic components such as in-fills and cross braces, so that you'll never lose the precious piece of paper that makes it all easier. You can access these assembly instructions at all times so no matter if you're adding on a new unit or looking to adjust an existing shelving unit you can do so with confidence.

You can, of course, contact us here at Shelfstore at any time during the design process or during the construction process. We are committed to helping our customers through the entire process of getting the right shelving for their needs and we can ensure that one of our shelving agents will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

If you are unable to visit our London store, please take the time to order a free sample and brochure. Shelfstore offer a free sample so you can experience for yourself the quality of our core material. Shelfstore believe that once you have seen the quality of the wood we use in all of our shelving systems you will have no doubt as to the strength and cost effectiveness of our products.

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