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Customise your library shelves with a high-quality, multi-functional shelving unit. A sturdy, reliable shelving system is essential to running a library and Shelfstore’s complete book storage solution is just that.

You can design your shelving units how you see fit. If you would like them shorter so that the school kids can reach them, that is easy to do. If you would like deeper shelves to carry more sturdy and larger books, our shelving units are just what you are looking for. Start designing your shelves for your library members to give them complete access to their favourite reading materials.

Here at Shelfstore, the wood we use is grown in northern Scandinavia which guarantees the quality of our units. Not only does this mean the wood has a unique design, it is also incredibly strong before we do any work on them. Not only that, its long-lasting durability means it will last you a life time.

Change the way your books are stored with our easy to access, strong, high-quality library book shelves. Design your perfect shelf and purchase today.

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