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The Shelfstore System is made from solid, natural pine finely sanded and varnished.

Request your free wood sample by completing the form on the left.

UK residents only

Try Before You Buy with Shelving Samples

At Shelfstore, we aim to make the entire browsing and purchasing process on our website as simple as possible for our users. We know that you don't want to spend hours online trying to find the right product and potentially end up disappointed if what you eventually receive isn't what you had in mind, and want to help you evade this as much as possible.

To avoid such disappointment for our customers, we offer a service whereby you can request shelving wood samples from our exclusive, bespoke shelving system. By taking the solid, natural pine shelving samples into your own home or workplace before committing to a purchase, you can see exactly how this finely-sanded and varnished material looks.

You can simply place your shelving samples around various environments and against various surfaces to ensure they will suit your d├ęcor before you buy. It is this flexible 'try before you buy' aspect of our service that allows you to make a fully-informed decision on whether our customisable shelving units would suit your environment well, and get a more realistic idea of how this material looks before purchasing and installing it.

Shelfstore's Bespoke Shelving System

Our bespoke shelving system is designed to offer domestic customers and clients in both the public and private sector a convenient, durable and reliable shelving solution. By arranging to receive one of our shelf samples, you can see for yourself just how versatile and strong the material we use to create your bespoke shelving systems really is.

If you opt to receive our shelving wood samples, please bear in mind that our shelves actually come in 7 widths, 6 depths and 7 different heights, and Shelfstore does not provide a restrictive 'one size fits all' option. With 294 different shelving sizes available, our solution is anything but limiting and instead offers customers an extremely adaptable storage solution.

We have provided our bespoke shelving system and shelving samples to organisation ranging from schools and libraries to universities and retail shops, so you can rest assured that whatever your requirements, we can provide the solutions to suit.

Why Choose Shelfstore's Shelf Samples?

If you want to see how durable, stylish, strong, universal and flexible our storage solution is, ordering shelf samples is the best way to see these benefits for yourself before you start designing your own system. We are confident that you will want to order a bespoke shelving system for yourself after you have seen one of our shelving wood samples for yourself.

Our shelving wood samples will give you a more realistic idea of the type, size and weight of the items suitable for you to store on your system. You might even decide to use the shelf samples to see how you can treat the wood to better-suit the decor of your home's study, or the requirements of your business.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and order your own shelf samples today.

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