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Bookcases and Shelving

The Shelfstore Bookcase System

Designed and perfected in Sweden over fifty years ago the Shelfstore bookcase and shelving system was created to cater for both the domestic and commercial markets. With bookcase and bookshelves in seven widths, eight heights and six depths to choose from the number of shelves and storage unit arrangements that can be built are endless. The Shelfstore system provides shelf units and bookcase solutions for all manner of environments from a simple shelf unit to a complete library, whether in a school, office or at home the Shelfstore system can always fit your space.

The Shelfstore bookshelf system is constructed from solid wood (North European Redwood) from the forests of northern Sweden. All the timber is harvested from sustainable forests making our bookcase system 100% eco friendly. The Shelfstore system was first distributed in the UK in the 1980's. In the decades to follow, hundreds of thousands of bookshelves, shelves and arrangements have been supplied to both commercial and domestic customer's country wide.

Shelfstore Shelving & Bookshelves

The diversity of bookshelves storage arrangements is massive; from huge government archive storage that goes as far as the eye can see, through large church libraries, sturdy school libraries to beautiful units in the home. Just one of the wonderful aspects of the Shelfstore system is the variety of sizes; imagine the spaces you have around your home that could accommodate some bookshelves: that space on the stairs half landing might not seem big enough but 14cm deep shelves holding loads of paperbacks would both solve a problem and look great; shelving over a radiator can seem difficult but with Shelfstore system it is no problem because quality and versatile dimensions combine to provide endless solutions; do you have a built-in cupboard that needs shelves, you will almost certainly find the right height, depth and width within the Shelfstore system; heavy items can be accommodated such as vinyl records and large reference books - each shelf will carry a load of 100kg!

Serious CD, DVD and video shelves are difficult to find, with the Shelfstore system you can shelve as high and wide as you need at just 14cm deep. If you have high ceilings and lots to store, you can select bookcases at 248cm high and you can do that in all the six depths. Do you have a loft conversion? It can be hard to find bookshelves or a bookcase to fit across a wall with a sloping ceiling; Shelfstore system is the answer, start at the lowest point in the room with a very low shelf section at say just 48cm high, then add bookshelves sections at various widths and heights so that they follow the line of the slope.

When you reach the highest point you can then decide whether to stop or continue with the reverse procedure down the next slope. Having now started to become more familiar with the Shelfstore bookshelves system, turning a corner might seem like a good idea. There are various ways to turn a corner with the Shelfstore bookcase system, all neat, tidy and pleasing.

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