Plan Reference: PR238919

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Unit Summary


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Plan Reference PR238919
Number of Bays 3 bays
Number of shelves 21 shelves
Height (Unit highest point) 248 cm
Width 144.5 cm
Depth 40 cm

Component List

Qty Code Description Item Cost Line Total
4 UI24840 Upright Inner £46.42  £185.68 
4 IV24840 Infill £29.49  £117.96 
5 SH6040 Shelf £17.98  £89.90 
16 SH4040 Shelf £13.51  £216.16 
2 FA40 Plinth £7.06  £14.12 
1 FA60 Plinth £8.15  £8.15 
2 BB24840 Backboard £29.30  £58.60 
1 BB18360 Backboard £54.09  £54.09 




Total *


* Free delivery to mainland UK (over £499).

Storage Space

Total area of shelving available 3.8m2
Total length of shelving available 9.4m
This unit can hold approximately: ** 671 DVDs Standard single cases (76.5kg)
940 CDs Standard single Jewel cases (88.4kg)
261 Books 3.5cm thick paperback novels (72.0kg)
  125 Folders Full A4 lever arch files (250.0kg)
** (For information only. Figures do not neccessarily represent practical storage limits. Assumes sufficient
vertical shelf spacing is available, and items ordered in single file.)

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